WASHINGTON – America’s turkey farmers are working to spread the word about how turkeys are raised with a new series of videos and resources. Sponsored by the National Turkey Federation, the videos aim to offer common-sense, easy to understand answers about how turkey flocks are raised on family farms. 

"People are curious and like to understand more about their food and where it comes from," said Minnesota turkey farmer John Zimmerman, who is featured in the videos. "It's satisfying to know consumers can appreciate how turkey farming is both practical and sustainable, and the answers to their questions are all common-sense."

In the videos, Zimmerman introduces consumers to turkeys raised on corn and soybeans in climate-comfortable protective barns. He answers common questions about raising the birds in an approachable manner with the view inside his barn. A cartoon animated tom turkey poses the questions, exaggerating the myths that many consumers have about how turkeys are raised.  

"The videos aim to satisfy the public's curiosity about a turkey farmer's practical approach to raising their flock and to encourage consumers' appreciation of their food from farm to fork," said Keith Williams of the National Turkey Federation. "These short videos present the exaggerated myths of turkey farming with a bit of humor that welcomes curiosity and encourages questions."    
The videos, which are formatted for social media and available for online sharing, are available at AmericasTurkeyFarmers.org.

In addition to featuring the new videos, the America's Turkey Farmers website offers fact sheets about turkey, cooking suggestions and recipes, a stewardship manual about how to care for and raise turkeys as well as a video called “Turkey Farm and Processing Plant” featuring animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, which has been viewed on YouTube by more than 1.3 million people.