MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – More than 1,500 food and beverage companies across Canada have launched a new national organization tasked with collaborating with federal and provincial governments and other stakeholders to shape public policy for the benefit of Canadians.

Food & Beverage Canada is an association of seven regional food and beverage manufacturing associations. The organization is committed to working collaboratively to address leading issues facing the food and beverage sector, including:

  • Ensuring smart regulations that serve the public interest while maintaining a competitive environment
  • Building a healthier, more sustainable and ethical food system
  • Promoting innovation in food and beverage manufacturing processes and practices
  • Creating global trade opportunities for products
  • Protecting and informing consumers while enabling consumer choice
  • Providing skilled jobs and rewarding employment for Canadians

“There are a lot of important issues on the table right now,” said Michael Burrows, CEO of Maple Lodge Farms. “We believe that, working together, we can contribute positively to Canadians’ quality of life and deliver value for our members. We can strengthen the competitiveness and productivity of the businesses we represent while being a key engine to power sustainable growth in Canada’s economy.”

The founding board of directors includes:

  • Co-chairs: Michael Burrows, CEO, Maple Lodge Farms and Daniel Vielfaure, Managing Director, Bonduelle Americas Long Life;
  • Vice chair : Sylvie Cloutier, CEO, Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ) ;
  • Secretary: Rosemary MacLellan, vice president of Strategy & Industry Affairs, Gay Lea Foods;
  • Treasurer: Joe Makowecki, president and CEO, Heritage Frozen Foods; and
  • Director at Large: Rory McAlpine, Sr. VP, Government and Industry Relations, Maple Leaf Foods.

“Food & Beverage Canada is bringing businesses together from coast to coast to seize an unprecedented opportunity,” Vielfaure said. “This is Canada’s agri-food century. Canada’s food and beverage manufacturers can play a pivotal role in feeding the world, while growing jobs and economic sustainability for communities in rural and urban Canada.”