NORMA, N.J. – B&B Poultry Co. recently named Josh Fisher president of the privately-owned poultry company. He succeeds his father, Mark Fisher, who has taken the role of CEO and chairman of the board.

“I am committed to maintaining the core values and principles that our founders, my grandparents, Ben and Dorothy (Bobbie) Fisher, established when they founded the business,” Josh Fisher said in a statement. “In particular, we at B&B Poultry take pride in our many long-term employees who have made B&B Poultry their life’s employment. The company and I are committed to fostering hard earned relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and community partners.”

Josh Fisher is the third president in B&B Poultry’s 72-year history. The company was founded by Ben and Dorothy (Bobbie) Fisher in 1945. Mark Fisher succeeded his father as president in 1998, and held the post for 20 years.

In a statement, Mark Fisher said, “…it was important to have committed to intentional conversations and be proactive in our planning to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership. I wanted to see the business fully transition to Josh’s leadership while I was still actively involved in the business. It’s a proud moment to experience. I’m proud to be Josh’s father and business partner.”

B&B Poultry specializes in ready-to-cook poultry, de-boned poultry and organically grown processed poultry, among other products. The company serves customers in the United States and international markets.