Hormel Foods Always Tender Dry Seasoned pork loin files in Greek Inspired, Herb and Sun-Dried Tomato flavors.
Hormel loin filets are an extension of the Always Tender marinated pork.
AUSTIN, Minn. – Hormel Foods has added dry seasoned pork loin filets to the company’s lineup of Always Tender pork products.

The Hormel Always Tender Dry Seasoned Filets come in 1.5-lb. packages in Greek Inspired, Herb and Sun-Dried Tomato flavors.

The Always Tender line was part of a company initiative to simplify the ingredient statements on some Hormel products. Ingredients in the Greek Inspired flavor include onion, oregano and thyme. Rosemary, thyme and basis are used in the Herb flavor and the Sun-Dried Tomato dry seasoned pork filet features basil and oregano with the sun-dried tomatoes.

“Our dry seasoned loin filets are a perfect way to enrich the already flavorful and juicy cuts of meat,” Megan Elliott, brand manager at Hormel Foods, said in a statement. “Providing a delicious, simple and easy to make dry seasoned loin to complement our existing Hormel Always Tender products is something our consumers have been asking for, and we are happy to deliver.”