Cargill joins Tyson Foods and other companies that have chosen not to renew their memberships.
WASHINGTON –  Cargill became the latest major agri-food company to leave the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). Cargill joins Tyson Foods, Unilever, Campbell Soup Co., Nestle, Dean Foods, Mars and Hershey in leaving the GMA.

In a statement, the company said, “…We have valued our partnership with GMA and wish to thank its staff for the services and support provided to Cargill since our company joined the association in 1998. Cargill regularly evaluates our external partnerships and believes at this time of unprecedented industry change, we can accomplish our business objectives outside GMA.

“Cargill is committed to nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way and will continue bringing together people, ideas, and resources to move the industry forward,” the statement continued. “Together with our customers and other partners, we remain focused on delivering products, technology and ways of operating that build successful businesses and communities, so all people can thrive.”

GMA, which will celebrate its 110th anniversary this year, increasingly has been at odds with its members over the direction of food policy. Campbell Soup, Nestle and Unilever departed the organization over differences in transparency related to food ingredients, nutrition and other issues such as GMO labeling and sodium reduction.

Speaking to Politico, Tyson Foods said the company “…is moving toward a more global discussion about the future of food.”