Arby’s Buffalo Chicken Tenders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chicken is the chosen choice of protein going into 2018. Some restaurants are offering new grilled or roasted chicken dishes to appeal to the New Year’s resolutioners seeking healthier options, while others are introducing breaded and fried chicken offerings for those craving comfort food at the start of the new year.

In the healthier chicken category, El Pollo Loco is adding new items featuring citrus-marinated, fire-grilled chicken to its ‘Under 500 Calories menu.’ The chain’s new Double Chicken Fit Plate contains 410 calories and features a double portion of chicken, avocado, spinach, black beans, corn, cotija and pico de gallo. The Pollo Fit Burrito, weighing in at 460 calories, features chicken, avocado, spinach, cheese, carrots, cabbage and pico de gallo wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. The Power Bowl, containing 470 calories, features chicken, avocado, brown rice, sour cream and black beans.

Grilled chicken pops up again in Panda Express’s new 8 Treasure Chicken Breast. The dish features strips of white meat chicken breast, diced Chinese sausage, red and green bell peppers, celery, fermented black beans and whole dry chili peppers in a rich, spicy and savory sauce.

Opting for oven-roasted poultry, Brio Tuscan Grille is rolling out the new Sweet Potato and Chicken Risotto. The dish includes oven-roasted chicken, pancetta, asparagus and toasted pine nuts.

In the comfort food category, Arby’s is adding new Buffalo Chicken Tenders to its lineup. The crispy breaded chicken breast tenders are drenched in spicy buffalo sauce and served with a side of ranch.
Breaded chicken is the star of Burger King’s new Rodeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The handheld features a breaded 100% white meat seasoned chicken filet topped with three half-strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, crispy onion rings, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and American cheese served on a potato bun.

Fried chicken meets chicken nuggets in Church’s Chicken’s new Chicken MegaBites, featuring battered and breaded boneless fried chicken pieces served with new Killer Bee spicy honey dipping sauce.

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