The Missouri-based company is adding space for refrigeration and packaging operations.
WASHINGTON, Mo. – The fifth-generation owners of Frick’s Quality Meats Inc. announced on Dec. 26 the groundbreaking of an $11.5 million renovation that will expand its current processing facility. The 120,000-square-foot plant where the company has operated since 2005, is being expanded by more than 28,000 square feet to accommodate additional refrigeration space while doubling the space designated for ready-to-eat packaging products. The project is slated for completion by August 2018 and is expected to add 40 jobs at the plant. 

The company, which was founded in 1896 and is known for processing artisan-style, value-added products such as smoked ham and sausages to retail customers in 44 states. It is expanding its retail offerings in the natural segment and the renovation project will facilitate growth for the growing demand for these products by its customers, according to Dave Frick, president of the company. Frick’s launched its natural line earlier this year and has plans to add a line of organic products in the future. The current plant has been US Dept. of Agriculture-certified to produce organic products since 2016.   

“We look forward to the opportunities the expansion brings,” said Frick, “Including meeting the growing demand of our customers and the launch of Frick’s Natural and Organic products.” 

The company recently launched a redesign of its website to educate and inform customers about its products and a redesigned label was also recently unveiled.