KANSAS CITY – Animal Welfare expert Temple Grandin hosts an on-demand webinar, "Advances in Kill Floor Technology." Register here to learn more about the latest trends and technologies available to slaughtering facilities.

Temple Grandin

While the number of meat and poultry plants where livestock is slaughtered has decreased over the years, the level of public scrutiny and regulatory compliance the remaining facilities operate under has never been higher.  With animal welfare practices ranking as one of the most challenging issues facing the industry, processors depend on innovative technology, constant training and expert management to ensure animal welfare standards are met or exceeded during each shift.

Topics include:

  • Discussion of why technology combined with training are essential to improving animal welfare practices;
  • The evolution of traditional stunning equipment and the ABCs of maintaining today’s equipment;
  • An overview of Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) including its benefits and applications across species;
  • Guidelines for monitoring and measuring animal handling and the role of training, traditional auditing and Remote Video Auditing.