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St. Mary’s Meats, Swanton, Ohio, launched a voluntary recall of approximately 16,512 lbs. of bacon that was made using a process that failed to maintain the “necessary support” for food safety, the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture reported on Dec. 18. There have been no reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of the products.

The affected products were from swine harvested at the facility and produced from Dec. 15, 2015 - Dec. 15, 2017, the agency said.

The bacon is packaged in clear plastic and overwrapped with white freezer paper in quantities of 1 lb. and 1¼ lbs. The labeling on the package may consist of either a printed scale sticker or red tape with a black ink stamp. The bacon end and pieces products will be marked with the words “Ends and Pieces” in black ink added to the printed scale sticker or the red tape with black ink stamp.

The products bear the establishment number EST. 171 inside the Ohio mark of inspection as part of either the printed scale sticker or the red tape, the agency said. The bacon was sold directly from the processing location at St. Mary’s Meats and at some area farmers’ markets.

Inspectors from the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture discovered the problem during an in-plant inspection. The inspectors determined that the bacon did not contain a cure accelerator and failed to have an appropriate level of sodium nitrite as required in bacon production.