Animal Inc. brings a chef's touch to bacon with the company buffalo and lamb Boutique Bacon.
Animal Inc. brings a chef's touch to bacon with the company's buffalo and lamb flavors of Boutique Bacon. (photo:
Animal Inc.’s lamb and buffalo bacon brings a chef-inspired touch to the bacon category.

Animal offers Buffalo Bacon and Lamb Bacon. The bacon is made with chopped and formed buffalo or lamb meat and mixed with traditional pork in an 80-20 ratio. The company says the blend gives consumers the best of both worlds in the bacon universe — the sizzling qualities of pork bacon with the benefits of a lean protein.

But Animal Inc. is doing more than bringing boutique bacon to the masses. The company is a partner with Heifer International, a global non-profit working to eradicate hunger by helping small communities sustainably produce food and a steady income.

Animal Inc. was formed in the spring of 2015, according to the company’s website, and officially launched after two years of product testing. Shipping for pre-orders began in April this year. Animal Inc. donates time and a portion of the company’s profits to Heifer International twice a year.