ST. CLOUD, MINN. — Gold’n Plump Poultry has expanded its deli options by nationally launching three new and versatile cuts of fresh chicken in its Versatile Deli Program — Marinated Butterfly Whole Chicken, Split Whole Chicken and Quartered Chicken. These products address the economy-driven trend of consumers eating more meals at home.

The products join Gold’n Plump Super-Trimmed Custom Cut 8-Piece; Gold’n Plump Super-Trimmed Custom Cut Segments and Gold’n Plump Signature Gold Rotisserie branded deli product offerings, Lexann Pryd-Kakuk, corporate relations manager, Gold'n Plump Poultry, told

The latest products were created to help delis expand their baked and rotisserie chicken offerings. "The program not only offers new merchandising opportunities for the deli, but it also saves from 30 to 60 minutes of cooking time when compared to whole rotisserie chicken," said Tracy Miller, director of product development. "Consumers get the pieces they want that are healthier than fried chicken — without the time or money spent at a restaurant."

When asked if processors are not addressing other deli opportunities for fresh chicken, Ms. Pryd-Kakuk replied: "This was the reason for the new Versatile Deli Program offerings. We saw the consumer trends of eating more at home and the desire for healthier convenience products from the deli. We are encouraging delis to use the baking or rotisserie method of cooking for all of our fresh-chicken offerings. The majority of delis are frying single pieces versus baking. And many are offering whole rotisserie chicken, but that option doesn't necessarily fit all consumer lifestyles: many consumers want different-sized rotisserie options other than the whole chicken.

"With the new versatile cut choices and the wire basket to hold them for the rotisserie ovens, we've expanded consumer choices and helped the deli offer healthier options, reduce cooking time (from whole chicken) and provide something that should work with their current ovens...not only for the new cuts, but for individual pieces, as well," she added. "We're offering the versatile cuts because they're unique."

Trend information points to delis growing more important to consumers, she iterates. "With the research showing that consumers are eating more at home and looking for healthier convenience options from delis, (delis are) really in a great position to capture new opportunities," she concluded.