BEEF jerky
Beef Jerky Outlet offers products designed for holiday gifts.
KODAK, Tenn. – Marketing officials with Beef Jerky Outlet have timed the company’s latest promotion to appeal to gift-giving consumers across the US. For the holidays, the company is debuting its 3.5 oz. Beavertail Brand of jerky products , designed as stocking-stuffing gifts. 

The packages were launched about three weeks ago and, according to the company, nearly 1,900 units have been sold at the company’s 100-plus franchise locations throughout the US. The Beavertail Brand meat snack stocking stuffers include: Prime Rib, Teriyaki, Cherry Maple, Reaper and Honey BBQ.  

With one of its most recent franchise locations opening in Overland Park, Kansas, the Beef Jerky Outlet offers more than 100 types of premium meat snacks that range from traditional species as well as exotic varieties, including venison, kangaroo, elk and alligator.