Breakfast Pockets will be $2 on the new "Value Done Jack's Way" menu.
SAN DIEGO – For New Year’s Jack in the Box is rolling out a new limited-time value menu. Value Done Jack’s Way will hit markets beginning in January and will include menu items from $1 to $5.

“Value Done Jack’s Way is our competitive stake in the ground in a very value-driven market,” said Jennifer Kennedy, vice president of product marketing at Jack in the Box. “We’re offering products that leverage our menu variety and craveable flavors, all at a competitive price tag.”

Value Done Jack’s Way is comprised of items priced from $1 to $5 including four chicken nuggets for $1, a breakfast pocket for $2, three of the brand’s famous tacos and a small drink for $3 and the Bonus Jack combo for $5 or less (plus tax). 

In October, the chain introduced its 100 percent ribeye burger. The limited-time sandwich contained a beef patty made from 100 percent ribeye meat, with red onion and tomato, Provolone cheese, mayonnaise and lettuce on an artisan bun. Jack in the Box also sold the Havarti and Grilled Onion Ribeye. The sandwich featured sliced tomato, grilled onions, mayonnaise, Havarti cheese and a red wine glaze sauce.

“As a true challenger brand, Jack in the Box is not afraid to disrupt industry norms and, to do so, we must contend with national players in the space,” said Iwona Alter, chief marketing officer at Jack in the Box. “As the brand continues to roll out unexpected menu innovations that satisfy our guests’ cravings, our goal is to turn the QSR industry on its head, entirely.”