The company is about to open a new office in Minneapolis in 2018.
MINNEAPOLIS — Jack Link’s, the snack company known for beef jerky, recently opened a new retail store inside the Target Center in Minneapolis called Jack Link’s Wild Side.

The Wisconsin-based meat snack company opened the retail store as it prepares to open up its 78,000-sq.-ft. office building and research center in downtown Minneapolis. 

"Having the Wild Side store so close to our innovation center means we can immediately give people a taste of new products and get feedback on the spot," says TD Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link's. "Our fans are a big part of our success and their feedback is critical. This is the most direct way for us to react to trending tastes and new product forms in real time and keep Jack Link's bringing innovation to the category quicker than anyone else."

Along with many flavors of jerky, the Wild Side retail store will feature items for meat fanatics to pick up as well like graphic t-shirts, hat-and-mitten sets featuring Jack Link’s mascot Sasquatch and many other jerky-themed items.

"Over the past 30 years, Jack Link's has built an incredible base of highly passionate fans, and now we're giving them an official clubhouse where they can connect with the brand in a personal way," said Jack Link's CEO Troy Link. "The store is part tribute to the traditions that got us to where we are today and the innovations that will take us into the future. It's a place where fans new and old can get wrapped up in Jack Link's untamed spirit, and experience hands-on all the wild and wonderful elements our brand has to offer."