US Poultry
TUCKER, Ga. – The US Poultry and Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is doing its part to help poultry workers stay safe on the job. The association has developed materials, including a poster and video, designed to help workers understand the procedures for completing lockout/tagout on equipment or machinery.

“Locking out machinery and equipment prior to servicing or maintenance is an essential element of protecting employees from unexpected energization or motion, the startup of machine or equipment, or release of stored energy,” according to USPOULTRY.

The poster was designed to communicate the proper steps for lockout/tagout by depicting the concept with very few words in order to overcome potential language barriers in poultry operations. The material was developed by USPOULTRY with input and review by the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council.

Thepostercan be viewed and downloaded from the USPOULTRY website. Thevideois viewable through USPOULTRY’s YouTube page.