Burger King 2 for $10 Whopper Meal
Disaster preparedness enabled the chain's stores to resume operations soon after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Caribbean Restaurants Inc., a Burger King franchisee in Puerto Rico for 53 years, said more than 75 percent of its 187 Burger King and Firehouse Subs restaurants are open and serving more than 120,000 customers daily. Electricity was restored in 13 restaurants, while others are running on generators.

Caribbean Restaurants CEO Antonio Solares said the company’s fleet of refrigerated trucks continue to supply the restaurants from a distribution center in Catano, across the bay from San Juan. The company invested extensively in disaster preparedness, which enabled Burger King to resume business soon after Hurricane Maria hit the island.

“Generators were in place at almost all free-standing restaurants, and fuel, water and ingredients for meals were fully stocked,” the company explained. “Phone outages were anticipated and 10 satellite phones were placed strategically around the network of restaurants. Refrigerated trucks and drivers were at the chain’s distribution center to resupply restaurants. Alternative suppliers for inventory, fuel and water were lined up to cover gaps in the usual supply chain.”

Caribbean Restaurants is a subsidiary of private equity firm Castle Harlan, New York. The business now includes 175 Burger King restaurants and 12 Firehouse Subs stores in Puerto Rico, and two Firehouse Subs in Mexico and another operated by a franchisee.