Jack in the Box Ribeye burgers

SAN DIEGO — Jack in the Box unveiled two new items on its menu including the All-American Ribeye Burger.

The sandwich contains a beef patty made from 100 percent ribeye meat, red onion and tomato, layered with Provolone cheese, real mayo and spring mix lettuce on top of an artisan potato bun.

“Jack in the Box has a proven track record for exceeding guest expectations,” said Iwona Alter, chief marketing officer at Jack in the Box. “We thrive on challenging convention. While many of our competitors are narrowing menus or following the movement toward craft, we’re focused on giving our customers what they want, when they want it.”

Jack in the Box will also start selling the Havarti and Grilled Onion Ribeye. The sandwich features sliced tomato, grilled onions, real mayo, Havarti cheese and a red wine glaze sauce.

The ribeye burgers are available at participating restaurants for a limited time only.