NHDSC invited consumers to submit sausage recipes in October for prizes.
WASHINGTON – What goes together better than beer and sausages? According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, beer and sausage are a winning combination. The NHDSC recently developed the beer and sausage pairing guide to give consumers several suggestions for when they celebrate National Sausage Month in October.

 “Sausage and beer together offer a unique treat for the senses that is incredibly satisfying,” said NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal. “Some sausage manufacturers are even offering beer-infused sausages with the flavors cooked right into the sausage, but no matter how you are enjoying the two together, there are an array of options to meet different taste preferences.”

 Another part of the National Sausage Month celebration includes the NHDSC’s 4th annual sausage recipe contest. First place wins a $250 gift card for their favorite sausage and a Sausage Pan, designed with deep curves specifically to cook sausages. The runner-up will receive a $100 gift card plus a Sausage Pan.

 Recipes must include beer as an ingredient, as part of the cooking instructions or as a complimentary beverage. Recipes must be made in less than 20 minutes and should be submitted to [email protected] by Oct. 20.