Third Wave Cafe's Bacon Cake
The Bacon Cake is made in batches weighing 33 lbs.
(photo: Third Wave Cafe)

September is special since the Bacon Cake launched at Third Wave Café in Port Melbourne, Australia.

The mammoth bacon creation features layers of bacon weaves, macaroni and cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, burger patties, sweet potato, pulled brisket, more bacon, more mac ‘n cheese and more bacon weaves. The cake is served with candy bacon (brushed with maple syrup, drizzled in organic brown sugar and chili) and an “Oink Ball” which is a bacon-wrapped pork meatball that is smoked and grilled.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Third Wave Café owner Greg Rips said the Bacon Cake has eight or nine layers and is served in slices 6 kg. slices (13 lbs.). The cake is made at an off-site kitchen in 15 kg. (33 lb.) batches.