Arcos Dorados is trying to provide support to employees and their families.
MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay —  Arcos Dorados Holdings, a Latin American restaurant chain, and the world’s largest independent McDonald’s franchisee, is still in the process of assessing the impact to employees and operations from Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean and the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

In Mexico, Arcos Dorados and other sub-franchisees have mostly reopened after the earthquakes, however, because of the devastating impact of the hurricanes, most of the company’s more than 100 restaurants in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands remain closed.

“Our primary focus is on providing support to our employees and their families, as well as delivering aid to local authorities and search and rescue teams responding to the natural disasters, wherever possible,” the company statement said.

The company said it maintains both property and business interruption insurance, which it expects will offset any potential short-term impact on its operations or financial numbers.

Arcos Dorados said that repair and reconstruction of restaurants will commence as soon as possible in each market.