Three new flavors from the Canadian company are also gluten-free with no added sugar.
MONTREAL – Canadian meat processor, Olymel, has announced the release of its new line of 100 percent nitrite- and phosphate-free sliced deli meats. Black Forest Smoked Ham, Old Fashioned Smoked Ham and Smoked Turkey Breast are making their way to the shelves in Québec and Atlantic Canada. In addition, the line of products contains no gluten or added sugar.

"Thanks to a winning combination of citrus, pomegranate, yeast and spice extracts, we don't need any nitrites or phosphates,” said Isabelle Marquis, Olymel's consulting dietitian in a statement. “We're often reminded, with good reason, to take care of our health by eating less processed foods that are high in sodium, sugar and fat. But you don't often hear about additives. We need to limit and monitor our consumption of additives like nitrites and phosphates. So, Olymel's new line of nitrite- and phosphate-free deli meats is one of the best choices for regular consumers of cold cuts. Plus, they taste great and the price is right."

"These innovative products, the fruit of a year and a half of work, are a direct result of our social responsibility plan," stated Lise Gagnon, Olymel’s vice president of Marketing, Research and Development. "By developing these products, which echo consumers' real concerns about deli meats and their nitrites levels, Olymel has reinforced its position as a leader in healthy solutions. This shift toward healthy products has garnered industry attention – we've earned a number of awards and accolades in recent years, including three Dux awards for our healthy eating initiatives."

DUX Mieux Manger Mieux Vivre is a Canadian program that publicly commemorates enthusiastic and dynamic food and health leaders. This broad-based movement brings together leaders who are working to improve nutritious food choices and to promote a healthy eating environment to improve the public's health and vitality.

The new sliced meats are available in 150-g. vacuum-sealed packages at IGA, Metro and Super C (Québec) and Sobey's (Atlantic Canada). The rest of Canada will see the products early next year.