Egg Track
Compassion in World Farming is tracking large food companies making cage-free egg announcements.
DECATUR, Ga. – Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) recently released its first EggTrack report that follows large food companies making cage-free egg announcements.

The group stated that its goal with this report is to ensure food businesses will stick to their cage-free egg commitments; encourage transparency in the marketplace; and provide assistance to food businesses during their transition to a 100 percent cage-free egg supply.

Companies were asked to publicly disclose their cage-free percentage to CIWF by July 31, 2017, to be included in the report. Some of the companies including Whole Foods Market, Hormel, Shake Shack and Noodles and Company achieved 100 percent cage-free eggs.

There were some retailers also included in the report with a lower cage-free percentage.

  • Kroger is at 18 percent cage-free
  • Publix is 50 percent
  • Supervalu is 12 percent
  • Trader Joe’s is 62 percent

Twenty-seven percent of companies selected publicly reported and participated in the EggTrack survey. That still leaves many foodservice restaurants, manufacturers and retailers who did not report this year.

The names of those companies can be found by going to the full egg report at the Compassion in World Farming website.

If companies want to be participate in the next report they must submit their numbers by July 31, 2018.