Inspired by traditional duck confit, the chicken confit is prepared in a similar manner.
UNION, N.J. —  D’Artagnan, a Union, New Jersey-based food company, recently released chicken confit to its select retailers and on its website.

The chicken confit is raised without antibiotics or hormones and includes no artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives.

“At D’Artagnan, we are committed to putting only the finest tasting, conscientiously-raised meat on the plate,” said Ariane Daguin, co-founder, owner and CEO of D’Artagnan.  “Our new chicken confit fits perfectly within the D'Artagnan product portfolio since it delivers great flavor.” 

Inspired by traditional duck confit, the chicken legs are marinated overnight with garlic, salt, and spices. Then the chicken is slowly stewed for hours. 

Since it is like duck confit, the company takes the same steps to prepare it, Daguin said.

“With chicken confit, we’ve applied the classic confit process – slow cooking in duck fat with aromatics - to our chicken,” she said. “The result is flavorful, tender chicken leg confit that brings an extra level of deliciousness and convenience to America’s favorite protein."

The chicken confit comes fully cooked so the meat can be served after heating it up on the grill or putting it in the broiler.