WASHINGTON — The Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a notice for a General Food Defense Plan.

The notice instructs Inspection Program Personnel (I.P.P.) at establishments that do not have a food defense plan to have a discussion with the establishment’s management about the need to voluntarily implement a plan, the American Meat Institute relays.

A new general food defense plan is also being mailed directly to the management at these establishments, and another food-defense plan survey will follow in December.

I.P.P. are also to inform establishment management if they find this general plan is suitable for the company’s needs, the establishment can use the general plan as its food-defense plan. Establishment management would only need to sign the cover sheet and maintain the plan in the establishment’s files.

I.P.P. must document this discussion in the Memorandum of Interview for the weekly meeting as set out in F.S.I.S. Directive 5000.1. To view this notice, click