Food and Feeds Wholesalers Ltd, trading as Kapani, is expanding its poultry operatoins.
LONDON – United Kingdom-based social impact agribusiness investor, AgDevCo, has announced a $1.8 million investment in Malawian poultry processor, Kapani. It will be a seven-year investment.

Kapani will expand its cold-chain infrastructure and build an updated processing operation to increase processing capacity and meet the growing customer demand for quality meat. Kapani will also provide training and a reliable market for local farmers by establishing a buying program.

The company will buy and process chickens by contracting with about 1,000 small-scale producers and sell them under a new brand targeting the value segment.

AgDevCo's investment will help the company expand its dressed poultry products for the local market in Malawi and, in the longer term, within the East Africa region.

"The poultry industry [in Malawi] is expanding and this investment gives the small holder farmers the opportunity to enter into the formal and commercial markets and realize the real value for their broilers," Leon Swart, the owner of Food and Feeds Wholesalers Ltd., said in a statement.

"This is a great opportunity to invest alongside Kapani in developing the poultry industry and helping the informal sector grow their businesses," added Riz Khan, business associate for AgDevCo, Malawi.