Three Georgia Tyson plants that had been closed are back open, but a beef plant in Jacksonville, Florida, remains closed.
SPRINGDALE, Ark. – While Hurricane Irma is no longer tearing through the Caribbean and Florida, the effects of the storm will be felt for days, weeks and months to come. In response to the deadly storm, Tyson Foods Inc. shut meat plants in Georgia and Florida on Sept. 11. The poultry plant in Dawson, Georgia, was up and running again the morning of Sept. 12, and poultry facilities in Cumming and Vienna, Georgia, were back in operation the afternoon of Sept. 12.

“Since the safety of our team members is a top priority, today we are not operating our plant in Jacksonville, Florida,” said Caroline Ahn, manager of external communications for Tyson. “We are continuing to monitor the effects of Hurricane Irma and hope to resume normal operations soon.” 

 The Jacksonville plant is a beef further processing facility.