Chili's plans to invest in its core menu items — burgers, ribs and fajitas.
DALLAS – Chili’s Grill & Bar announced plans to slash 40 percent of the casual dining chain’s menu offerings to focus more on core offerings — burgers, ribs and fajitas. The new, 75-item menu launches on Sept. 18.

The company acknowledged trying to be “all things to all guests” had resulted in a bloated menu with 125 appetizers, entrees, desserts and cocktails along with sections devoted to burritos, enchiladas and flatbreads.

“We value every guest and we know that cutting even one entrée like Mango Chili Tilapia, or a delicious appetizer like Crispy Asparagus could disappoint a Guest who loves that dish,” Kelli Valade, president of Chili’s, explained. “But, guests have also told us they know that today no restaurant can be everything to everyone. So, by eliminating 40 percent of our menu, we’ve reinvested in meatier burgers, ribs and fajitas — the items that we’ve always been known for. We apologize to any guest who misses a departed dish, but with this bold move we commit to all Guests to do a better job of serving our famous food on every visit, in every restaurant.”

Chili’s is the flagship brand of Dallas-based Brinker International Inc. which also operates Maggiano’s Little Italy. Brinker operates more than 1,600 Chili’s locations in 31 countries and two territories.