White Castle engaged fashion house Telfar to redesign team member uniforms.
The burger chain enlisted the help of Telfar, a well-known fashion house. (Photos: Jayson Keeling)
COLUMBUS, Ohio – McDonald’s Corp. isn’t the only quick-service restaurant chain to take a step forward into fashion. White Castle announced a partnership with Telfar, a New York City-based unisex fashion label headed by Telfar Clemens.

White Castle engaged Telfar to redesign the company’s uniforms. The new uniforms recently were unveiled to White Castle employees. The design features a collared shirt in White Castle’s royal blue with yellow contrast stitching with the brand’s logo and typography.

“In our minds, there is no more authentic American restaurant than White Castle and we have truly been touched by the working process, trust and support,” Telfar Clemens said in a statement. “There’s a White Castle right by my apartment and I’ve been going there my whole life — seeing the uniform is just amazing.”

Extensions of the partnership are in the works beyond the uniform redesign including events, consumer merchandise and more.

“Our partnership with Telfar Clemens and his creative partner, Babak Radboy, is an incredibly special one for all of us at White Castle,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Our two brands may have started 84 years apart but they share a passion for originality and timelessness that we believe is unrivaled.”

A capsule streetwear collection and launch event are scheduled for October.

“At first glance the partnership seems surreal, but beneath the surface what we have in common is originality and integrity,” Telfar said. “Being original means taking risks and doing what you believe in, and that's what our relationship is all about. The uniforms were not about reinventing White Castle, just reflecting that core authenticity that people crave.”