Columbus Meats
The pre-sliced meats will be available through select retailers nationwide.
HAYWARD, Calif. – Arbor Investments-owned Columbus Meats has announced the launch of pre-sliced, uncured, antibiotic-free salami following last year’s launch of its pre-sliced, antibiotic-free deli meats.

The new line consists of three varieties to meet continual consumer demand for antibiotic-free products including:

• Uncured Italian Dry Salami – a variety native to San Francisco made with California red wine and crushed peppercorns.

• Uncured Genoa Salami – A mild salami with hints of garlic.

• Uncured Pepperoni – an American classic, with spicy and smoky notes from paprika.


Because the salami are uncured they’re made without nitrates or nitrites as well. The line will be available in stores starting in September.

"Unrivaled quality has made us the fastest growing brand in the deli meat category," Columbus CEO, Joe Ennen, said in a statement. "For the past 100 years, we've been stubborn about not changing the recipes of our products, but one of the changes we are making is converting to meat from animals raised without antibiotics. It's the right thing to do."