New York-based HelloFresh, a global leader in the meal kit delivery sector, has something to say about pork: It’s America’s favorite family meat. Results from the company’s recent survey on the latest food trends among families in the US showed that pork, in its many forms and versatile nature, is the number-one protein. The nationwide survey conducted in May 2017 polled a total of 1,168 respondents, including current HelloFresh customers and non-customers about their preferences on types of cuisine, techniques and ingredients.

Contrary to popular belief, pork consistently performs well with families when compared to both chicken and beef, according to the survey. Sixty-five percent of pork dishes received the highest scores vs. 53 percent of chicken dishes and 51 percent of beef dishes. The survey results also showed that kids love sweet flavors. In response, in its new recipes and serving suggestions, the company is embracing how pork pairs well with sweet sauces and glazes including fruit, jam and honey.


Taco Time Island Burrito
TacoTime launched the Island Burrito in June as a limited-time offer.

The data also showed that families want more Mexican cuisine. More than three-fourths (77 percent) of families surveyed were most excited for Mexican cuisine, compared to 73 percent for steak and potatoes and 72 percent for stir fry. HelloFresh believes pork can play a role in Mexican meals. Traditional dishes can be easily spruced up by including different meats and complimenting them with fruit salsas such as pineapple, mango, peach or kiwi.

This is something Scottsdale, Ariz.-based TacoTime already knew. In June, the quick-service Mexican food chain introduced the limited-time Island Pork Burrito, which is loaded with pork carnitas, seasoned rice, spicy pepper jack cheese, fresh shredded cabbage, green onion, pineapple jalapeno pico de gallo, sour cream and a special honey sriracha aioli sauce. This flavorful blend gets wrapped up in a home-style tortilla and grilled.

Crisp braised pork belly from Boulder Marriot in Boulder, Colorado
Executive Chef Michael Contrado at the Boulder Marriott, Boulder, Colorado, recently added Crisp Braised Pork Belly appetizer to the menu. It features an herb polenta cake that gets topped with Asian barbecue sauce. (photo: Boulder Marriott)

“The mix of sweet and spicy gives the Island Pork Burrito its signature flavor with some Caribbean flair,” says Julie Hoefling, director of marketing.

Meal kit delivery service Chef’d, El Segundo, California, now offers guava-glazed pork chops as part of its destination series collection. The entrée was developed by Vidyadhara Shetty, executive chef at Blue Cilantro on the Cayman Islands. The hand-crafted recipe pays tribute to Cayman’s rich culinary heritage and includes a pre-portioned blend of seasonings and flavors indigenous to the islands, along with step-by-step instructions to create the dish.

Victoria Amory suggests pairing its Apple Brandy Mustard with pork tenderloins.
Premium condiment supplier Victoria Amory suggests using its Apple Brandy Mustard in a marinade that also includes olive oil, honey, soy sauce, lemon and rosemary. During searing of the marinated tenderloins, the residual marinade becomes golden brown and crusty.