Mantiqueira Alimentos received certification for two of its egg brands.
HERNDON, Va. – Mantiqueira Alimentos, the largest egg producer in South America and the 12th largest egg producer in the world, has received Certified Humane certification from Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) for two of its egg brands — Happy Eggs and Taeq. The eggs will carry the HFAC’s Certified Humane label in a few weeks.

“The achievement of the animal welfare certification makes us very happy because it ensures we are on the right path in our cage free production system,” said Leandro Pinto, founder and owner of Mantiqueira. “At Mantiqueira, we always work very seriously, innovating and improving our production systems to provide healthy and quality food.”

HFAC’s Certified Humane label indicates that the eggs have been produced according to HFAC’s Animal Care Standards. The standards require that farm animals must be fed nutritious diets without antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products. In addition, animals also must also receive proper shelter, resting areas and space sufficient to support natural behaviors, like flapping their wings.

“Mantiqueira’s investment in animal welfare paves the way for more egg producers to adopt the Certified Humane program,” said Luiz Mazzon, president of Latin America Instituto Certified Humane. “By increasing the volume of Certified Humane eggs available in Brazil, they will make it easier for food companies that use eggs as their main ingredients, like mayonnaise and pasta, to certify their operations as well.”

HFAC's Animal Care Standards were developed by a committee of 40 farm animal welfare scientists and veterinarians from around the world. Since 2003, more than 665 million farm animals have been raised Certified Humane in the US, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Chile.