Coleman Natural now sells burgers from animals raised without antibiotics.
SALISBURY, Md. – Consumers looking for “no antibiotics ever” grilling meats to cook over the Labor Day weekend can now look to Coleman Natural Foods for burger, sausage and chicken hot dog options.

Coleman now offers Coleman Natural ready-to-cook burgers made with USDA choice beef, Coleman Natural chicken sausages, a new Coleman Organic chicken hot dog and Coleman Natural applewood-smoked and maple-smoked bacons. The products have no artificial ingredients and no added artificial preservatives, and are from animals raised without antibiotics or growth promoting drugs and fed an all-vegetarian diet free of animal by-products. Coleman Organic chicken products are also free-range and non-GMO. 

Coleman Natural chicken hot dogs are free of animals raised with antibiotics. 
“When consumers pick up Coleman Natural Foods products, they get everything they want, including taste, quality, variety and convenience, plus the confidence they are making a good decision for themselves and their families,” said Gail McWilliam, a marketing vice president for Perdue Foods, parent company of Coleman Natural Foods. “Coleman Natural Foods’ new and expanded products meet all those expectations, and with the trust that comes from a brand that helped create the no-antibiotics-ever category a generation ago.”

Coleman Natural Foods started raising animals without antibiotics four decades ago. 

“What started as a niche is now mainstream,” McWilliam said. “Consumers are looking for authenticity in their food, and that philosophy is woven into the DNA of the Coleman Natural and Coleman Organic brands. We express that in a simple mantra: ‘Real farmers. Real ingredients. Real good.’ Those are principles we’ve stood by for more than 125 years, and why we steer clear of what’s not real or not in the best interest of the animals we raise or the families we serve.”