RIDGEFIELD, Conn. – The Chefs’ Warehouse recently acquired substantially all the assets of Fells Point Wholesale Meats, a specialty protein manufacturer and distributor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Fells Point is expected to generate approximately $55 million in annual net sales and be accretive to earnings next year, The Chef’s Warehouse said. Erik Oosterwijk and Leo Pruissen founded Fells Point Wholesale Meats in 1993 in Baltimore’s Broadway Market.

“We believe that this acquisition adds the processing facility needed to grow protein in the North East and even more importantly the expertise to support our nearly 150 sales professionals with over 5,000 customers in the region,” Christopher Pappas, chairman and CEO of The Chefs’ Warehouse.  Erik and Leo mastered the art of butchering in Europe and honed their craft in the United States.  Experts in specialty meat with a focus on quality and service to fine dining establishments, we feel that Fells Point is built on principles that parallel our own.”

Oosterwijk explained that he and Pruissen were both educated in butcher schools in Europe before they brought their skills to Baltimore.

“Nearly 25 years ago we bought a small place in Little Italy and eventually became one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high-end meat in the Baltimore area,” Oosterwijk said. “We look forward to joining Chris, an entrepreneur himself, and the rest of the Chefs’ Warehouse team as we all focus on providing our customers the highest quality specialty products and outstanding service.”