The pork processing facility in a Louisville, Kentucky, suburb was accused of violating air pollution ordinances.
LOUISVILLE, Ky. – JBS Swift Pork Co., a unit of Sao Paulo, Brazil-based JBS SA, agreed to pay $60,000 to settle alleged violations of the company's operating permit. Under the terms of the agreement, JBS Swift admits no wrongdoing.

Public documents from the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control Board (APCB) state that an unannounced inspection of the facility in November 2016 and a compliance report submitted by JBS Swift uncovered multiple issues.

For example, the inspection revealed liquid that should have been piped was draining uncontrolled from the roof of the basement and through floor drains. Other issues inspectors found included:

  • A drain pipe discharging fat without a proper drain;
  • A pump gushing waste water around a waste water tank with a blown gasket; and
  • “Greasy material” accumulating around fans and ductwork joints.

Additionally, when the company submitted its annual compliance report for 2016, the report showed approximately 60 required inspections were missed. Malfunctioning equipment or dirty equipment and numerous missed readings also were cited in the documents.

The facility has faced allegations of violating its operating permit in the past. In December 2015, the APCB fined JBS Swift $51,750 for failing to operate odor control devices and other alleged offenses. Records show that the Butchertown plant was fined $16,000 for alleged odor violations in September 2014. That fine was in addition to $98,750 in fines issued in March 2014 for odor and other violations. Records also show the plant was cited for violating its operating permit in 2009, 2010 and 2011.