Maple Lodge Farms and Zabiha Halal brand chicken frankfurters
One person was injured after eating the frankfurters.
OTTAWA, Ontario – Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. of Brampton, Ontario, Canada launched a recall of its name brand chicken frankfurters on concerns the products may contain bone fragments.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported one injury associated with consumption of the frankfurters. The products subject to the recall include:

  • Maple Lodge Farms “Big Original Chicken Frankfurters”; 450 g; 2017.AU.27; UPC 067714004205
  • Zabiha Halal “Big Original Chicken Frankfurters”; 450 g; 2017.AU.27; UPC 067714004236

The CFIA is conducting a food safety investigation and is verifying that stores are removing affected products from the marketplace. The investigation could lead to the recall of other products, the agency advised.

Maple Lodge Farms produces poultry-based bacon, lunch meats, fresh chicken, frankfurters, chicken burgers and chicken breast roasts.