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Aviagen and Hubbard intend to operate independently.
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen has announced an agreement to purchase Hubbard Breeders, the broiler genetics division of Groupe Grimaud. An agreement for purchase was signed on July 31, and will be concluded later this year. Hubbard will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Aviagen Group under the direction of Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen. Hubbard’s headquarters will remain in France and it will continue independent broiler breeding along separate breeding and commercial activities.

“We welcome Hubbard into the Aviagen family,” Henriksen said. “Hubbard’s diversity of genetic products and in-depth expertise in the different segments of the broiler breeding market will greatly contribute to Aviagen’s expanding product line offerings. We look forward to leveraging the full strength of the Aviagen group to further enhance Hubbard`s position as an important player in the global broiler breeder market.”

Olivier Rochard, Hubbard CEO, agreed that joining Aviagen will bring value to Hubbard’s global customer base. “My management team and I are delighted to become part of such a world-class organization as Aviagen. We are looking forward to utilizing the strengths of both organizations, particularly in the areas of technology, R&D, production efficiencies and distribution capabilities,” he said.

“We share with Aviagen the ultimate goal of continually advancing the genetic potential of our birds and safeguarding the security of supply to global markets, which will profit our valued customers all around the world.”

Both companies intend to operate independently without disruption to their existing products and services.