The Lincoln Premium Poultry facility is a first for the club retailer.
FREMONT, Neb. –  Costco broke ground on a poultry processing plant in Fremont, Nebraska named the Lincoln Premium Poultry facility.

The facility has been under much discussion by business leaders and politicians across the Husker state, but on Monday the first action was taken on this $300-million project. According to a release by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, the project is expected to have a $1.2 billion economic impact on the eastern Nebraska area and create 800 new jobs.

This is Costco’s first-ever poultry processing plant and hatchery and will open in April 2019.

“We’re thrilled Costco chose to partner with our community and region to expand its business model and launch this new endeavor here,” said Cecilia Harry, executive director of the Greater Fremont Development Council.  “We celebrate the new jobs and investment and the impact this will have on our agricultural industries — whether it’s helping area farmers diversify their businesses, encouraging the next generation of farmers, or growing firms that will support facility operations.”

The Lincoln Premium Poultry facility will utilize the latest technology to process an expected 2 million chickens a week for sale in Costco stores.

“We are eager to continue our work with the community, officials at all levels, our trusted construction partners and with everyone else involved in order to make this business something that Fremont, Nebraska, and Costco can truly be proud to be part of,” said Jonathan Luz, director of strategic planning for Costco.