Church's Chicken restaurant exterior
Church's Chicken is expecting to add 25 locations in the Ontario area in the next eight years.
ATLANTA – Church’s Chicken announced the opening of its latest restaurant in Toronto, Canada, on June 19. The restaurant is the first in an eight-year deal that will eventually include 25 total restaurants in the Greater Toronto area under the same franchisee, Brothers Social Eatery, Inc.

“We are excited to kick-off this relationship with Brothers Social Eatery and to implement expansion throughout the greater Toronto area,” said Tony Moralejo, executive vice president, international business and global development for Church’s Chicken. “Passionate franchisees such as Brothers Social Eatery are essential to delivering the great chicken experiences our guests love.”

The restaurant will feature the company’s new STAR Initiative Design, which includes new interior seating options, new exterior design, and color palettes, and contemporary lighting inside and out.

“Brothers Social Eatery is thrilled to embark on this journey with Church’s Chicken,” said Perry Singh, operations manager for the group. “Church’s quality and value, combined with our operational excellence, empowers us to understand and satisfy chicken passionates better than any other quick service restaurant.”