Well on the way to becoming a local favorite, The Shakin’ Bacon restaurant in Rensselaer, New York, was heavily damaged by fire on the night of June 8. Local news reports state that a cell phone charger may have caused the blaze.

In a statement posted to Facebook, owner Joe Ventrice wrote, “I’m devastated, heartbroken, and confused this has happened. For a restaurant to excel in its first year is almost not heard of. We have overcome many obstacles since we opened. But stayed professional and dedicated to move forward.

“Recently we have seen a volume increase and have been gaining new customers daily. For this to happen is a life reality check. Life will not stop for anyone or anything.

“If anyone knows anything about me as a person, this will not stop me or my drive and determination. No fire will tear me down,” Ventrice concluded. “We will not be looking to move from Rensselaer. We want to stay right there and continue to be part of this great city.”

The Shakin’ Bacon served breakfast sandwiches, omelets, classic sandwiches and burgers. A common ingredient in the restaurant’s fare was caramelized bacon.