Cross Valley Farms Spiral Cut Kohlrabi

Choosing sides

The new Summer Scoop lineup also features a number of sides designed for vegetarians, paleo diets or those seeking global flavors or bold flavor combinations.

Cross Valley Farms Spiral Cut Kohlrabi is a spiralized vegetable noodle that fits vegetarian and paleo diets. The noodles are neutral in taste, US Foods said, and work well as a pasta substitute or cold vegetable dish addition.

 Corn Bites
Molly's Kitchen Battered Elote Corn Bites

Molly’s Kitchen Battered Elote Corn Bites, inspired by authentic Mexican street corn, are a shareable appetizer featuring charred corn kernels with lime, garlic, green onion, cilantro, chili and smoked paprika mixed with a blend of five cheeses and fried in corn masa batter.

 US Foods
Chef's Line Gluten-Free Italian Pizza Crust

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Baked expectations

US Foods is catering to the growing gluten-free trend as well as the demand for indulgent, authentic baked goods with new bakery items and desserts in its Summer Scoop.

Chef’s Line Gluten-Free Italian Pizza Crust is made in Italy with rice flour and buckwheat and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Chef's Line Kouign Amann

Chef’s Line Kouign Amann is a caramelized croissant rosette inspired by the hyper-regional specialty baked foods found in the Brittany region of France, US Foods said. The pastry is made with croissant dough laminated to 65 layers and filled with salted sugar and butter.

“Diners are taking food choices more personally than ever,” Sopinka said. “They’re deciding what to eat based on who they are. Ethics, lifestyle or personal approach are now factors in what your guests order. From the socially conscious consumer seeking responsible foods, to the specialized diets of food tribes, to the trends of multiple generations – preferences are all over the map. And every individual, whether in families, groups or crowds, wants exactly what’s right for them. So how do you keep up? It’s a matter of choice. Understanding your diners’ choosy habits and offering the choices that suit their needs is your recipe for success.”