Five groups will expand the quick-service chain from Washington D.C. to Washington state.
OKLAHOMA CITY – Sonic Corp. announced five new agreements for franchise development in Washington, D.C., New York City, the Ohio River Valley, Alabama, Virginia and Washington areas of the US. A mainstay in the South and Midwest, Sonic continues to expand in all areas of the country to meet ever-growing consumer demand.

Here is the list of franchisees that signed on with Sonic:

• Men of Grace, LLC will develop new drive-ins in the greater Washington, D.C. market including locations in Northern Virginia;
• Current franchisee Northfork Holdings acquired 21 existing drive-ins in the Ohio River Valley, Tennessee and Missouri, with an additional 21 drive-ins planned over the next decade;
• SD-Missouri acquired drive-ins in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia, and plans to build an additional 20 drive-ins in markets in which they currently operate;
• Eng LLC has signed an agreement to develop drive-ins in the five New York City boroughs over the next several years;
• Olympic Cascade LLC will build 11 drive-ins in the state of Washington over the next 10 years.

“Sonic’s franchisee relationships are unparalleled in the QSR industry, making the brand an attractive option for multi-unit franchisees seeking to build out their portfolio,” said Drew Ritger, Jr., senior vice president for development for Sonic. “With nearly 94 percent of the system franchise owned, a 64-year history and our unique menu, Sonic is a great choice for entrepreneurs interested in building their business with an established, franchise-centric brand that enjoys high consumer demand and room for growth.”