Trevor, Terry and Regan Caviness help run the family beef business.
KUNA, Idaho – The partnership forged between Caviness Beef Packers and the J.R. Simplot Co. to build a beef plant to provide a proximity-friendly processing facility for beef producers in the Northwest came to fruition on May 30, when production at CS Beef Packers started up.  Based in the southwest Idaho city of Kuna, the new plant spans 370,000 sq. ft. and cost approximately $100 million.  Over the past five months, officials with the jointly owned company have hired 700 employees to work at the plant, which has a daily capacity of 1,700 head and will slaughter and process cull cows and bulls from dairy operations and ranches in the region.Plans for the plantwere announced by the companies in July 2015.  

“This partnership is an opportunity to combine Caviness Beef’s leadership in the meat packing industry with Simplot’s long-standing status as a leader in agriculture,” said Terry Caviness, CEO of Caviness Beef, Hereford, Texas. “Together we will help fill a void in the west by providing ranchers and dairy farmers with a state-of-the-art beef-processing plant.”

The facility will also process hides and conduct rendering operations as well as cater to producers of “niche-fed” cattle. According to a press release, the plant is an overdue solution to addressing the needs of producers challenged by the location of processing facilities that previously required transporting livestock hundreds of miles to access them. There are reportedly more than 1.2 million dairy and beef cows in the region.

Tom Basebas
Tom Basabe, president of Simplot Land and Livestock

“We haven’t just created jobs here, we’ve built long-term careers with skills training and advancement opportunities that are going to boost the local economy,” said Tom Basabe, President of Simplot Land and Livestock, Boise, Idaho. “People are excited to work at one of the best, newest facilities in the industry.”