Foster Farms
Distribution of the ground turkey line includes ore that 225 West Coast stores. 
LIVINGSTON, Calif. – Officials with Foster Farms announced the expansion of its organic line of ground turkey to Target Corp. stores located on the West Coast. After rolling out the Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey retail products in 2015, demand for it grew steadily, according to the company. On May 30 Foster Farms announced the organic line was available at more than 225 locations in the Western United States. 

The turkey, which comes in 1 lb. packages, is 93 percent lean and is made from birds raised on an antibiotic-free, vegetarian diet. The organic turkey line is an addition to Foster Farms’ fresh organic chicken line and its antibiotic-free turkey deli meat currently available at Target stores.

“Adding Target as a retail partner is important to our growth strategy to give more families convenient access to our organic ground turkey products,” said TJ Johnson, director of marketing for Foster Farms turkey. “We know that ground turkey is a favored staple for nutritious conscious consumers because of its versatility and naturally lean profile, so having an organic choice available is a win for shoppers and retailers.”

The suggested retail price for the organic ground turkey is between $6.49 and $6.99.