Two new flavors profiles are the result of a partnership with Empire Brewing.
SYRACUSE, N.Y.-  Hofmann Sausage Co. has partnered with Empire Brewing Co. to create a Hofmann-Empire Amber Beer Bratwurst and a Cheddar Cheese Beer Bratwurst. 

The products will be initially sold in 10- lb. boxes for food service as well as direct to the public from Hofmann's warehouse in Syracuse.

"Beer has long been used as a marinade for sausage,” said William Hulley, COO of Hofmann Brands. “Our hand-crafted manufacturing techniques for Hofmann hot dogs and sausages fits well with Empire's concept, making them the perfect partner for such a project." 

Hofmann products are minimally processed, contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or by-products, and they are gluten-free.

"Collaborating with such a community staple as Hofmann Sausage Co. has been something I have always been interested in. Bringing together their natural, tasty, well-made bratwurst, with our locally brewed Empire Amber Ale seemed like a natural pair," said David Katleski, owner of Empire Brewing Co.. "We are excited to spread the pride of Syracuse across the state and country."