Bacon Trumps All t-shirt from BaconScouts
Bacon making America great again (photo: BaconScouts)

From the witty, innovative and bacon-centric website,, where bacon lovers can purchase gourmet bacon, meat snacks and sausages, carnivores can now put bacon on their back, with a presidential flare.

A tongue-in-cheek, image of President Trump with a bacon-inspired hairdo is the theme of a t-shirt offered on the website with the moniker “Bacon Trumps All” for $18 for a limited time. Pre-orders are being taken for the shirts through the end of April, according to the site, where bacon lovers on both sides of the aisle may agree the novelty item is epic and billed as being nothing short of “YUUUUUGE.”

“With bi-partisan support, this shirt proudly proclaims the greatness of bacon,” according to the BaconScouts website. “Seriously, this is the best shirt you’ve ever seen. It’s bigly. Take my word for it,” reads the promotional copy.