Readers can learn about pork production, preparation, cuts and more.

WASHINGTON – Learning about the history of pork and the pork industry just became a little easier thanks to The Pork Book. Published by Urner Barry, in conjunction with the North American Meat Institute, the newly released “The Pork Book: Fundamentals of the Pork Trade from Farm to Table” is now available for purchase online. 

The Pork Book, which is a great complement to the already published Beef Book and Meat Buyer’s Guide, covers the fundamentals of the pork trade, including detailed infographics and charts. Readers can learn about pork packing, production, preparation, cuts, pricing and animal welfare. The book also contains chapter quizzes and key terms that can be used in conjunction with training programs. The book costs $49. 


NAMI and Urner Barry also released their Pork Book Playing Cards (available online for $9.95). The deck features cuts of pork. The suits consist of loins, shoulder, bellies/ribs and ham