CKE Restaurants is taking a different direction with a new advertising campaign.
FRANKLIN, Tenn. – CKE Restaurants Holdings, the parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurant chains, announced the official launch of its new advertising direction based around the new tagline, “Pioneers of the Great American Burger.”


The first part of the launch involves a commercial called, “Pioneer Anthem” where CKE takes consumers through a fast-paced, 30-second spot on the history of its impact on the American burger.

“CKE has always been driven by a pioneering spirit — and whether it was being the first hamburger QSR chain to charbroil burgers, igniting the movement toward all-natural products with the All-Natural Burger or introducing the all-you-can-drink beverage bar, nobody has done more to shape the world of fast food as we know it than Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s,” said Mike Murphy, president and chief legal officer for CKE Restaurants.

In another ad, CKE introduces Carl Hardee Sr., the fictional founder of the company coming back to headquarters to take back the operation from his son, Carl Hardee Jr. The ad is shaped to acknowledge its risqué advertisements of the past while embracing a new vision for CKE restaurants.

“Since premiering our now iconic ad starring Paris Hilton 12 years ago, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have become synonymous with two things: bikinis and burgers. While those provocative ads generated a lot of buzz for our brands and were very successful for us, it was very difficult for that kind of an ad to tell a more comprehensive story about the long list of things we do to make better food than anyone else in our space…or better food than most sit-down restaurants make, for that matter,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for CKE Restaurants.

In addition to the new commercial campaign, the overhaul will touch many facets of the brands’ identity, including:

Modernized company logos - The previously retro-inspired logos will be replaced with a bold, modern typeface that combines the original script font with an elevated sensibility; a simple yellow star will remain a focus to honor CKE’s iconic “Happy Star” heritage.

Food photography -This includes product imagery, menu boards, billboards and point-of-purchase promotional assets, will bring the focus back on the food.