The news product will be in restaurants until June 4.

GOLDEN, Colo. – Boston Market has unveiled its new Sweet & Spicy Apple rotisserie chicken flavor. The new flavor contains slow-braised smoky apples, apple cider vinegar, sweet brown sugar, onions and a hint of roasted jalapenos. In addition, Boston Market brings back fan favorite Parmesan Tuscan rotisserie chicken with Italian herbs, spices and a garlic Parmesan sauce. Both will be available through June 4.

"We're always looking to bring Boston Market guests new and intriguing flavor profiles that truly complement our signature rotisserie chicken," George Michel, CEO at Boston Market, said in a statement. "We're eager to hear what our guests think of the new Sweet & Spicy Apple flavor and are excited to once again offer Parmesan Tuscan, as it was very popular among guests when we introduced it for a limited time in years past."

Choices for the new flavors include a Half Chicken, Quarter White or Three Piece Dark Individual Meals with two sides and cornbread. Parmesan Tuscan rotisserie chicken will also be available for catering orders.

Rebecca Davis, executive chef at Boston Market, added, "These flavor-filled offerings draw inspiration from sweet and spicy food trends and Italian cuisines and feature blended profiles that everyone will love. For those craving a twist on a classic rotisserie chicken meal, these premium sauces offer unique flavor combinations that pack a delightful punch."

Early this year, Boston Market introduced its “Quality Guarantee” as a continued commitment that the company will serve all natural and fresh, never frozen, whole chickens that are farm raised in the US, contain no added hormones or steroids, are antibiotic free, MSG free and gluten free. As early as July, more than 75 percent of all Boston Market rotisserie chickens will be certified as raised without the use of antibiotics; 100 percent will be certified by the end of the first quarter in 2018.