Tom Hayes showed the companies vision at the CAGE conference in Europe.

LONDON – Tyson Foods President and CEO Tom Hayes told investors at the Consumer Analyst Group of Europe’s annual conference March 21 that the company’s newly refined purpose of “raising the world’s expectations for how much good food can do” can be accomplished with sustainability at the forefront.

Hayes described the company’s portfolio of protein brands, including the billion dollar names of Tyson, Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farm, coupled with a commitment to delivering sustainable food at scale.

“We will use our reach, capabilities and resources to drive positive change,” Hayes said. “Innovation will address complex issues. Trade-offs will be minimized as we solve for healthier food, healthier animals, a healthier environment and a healthier workplace. All of these areas must advance together if we are to create a more sustainable system.”

Hayes’ presentation showed a section on the “Poultry Farm of the Future.” He explained some crucial factors including: reduction in greenhouse emissions, improve worker welfare, improve animal welfare and food safety and finally reducing land use.

Tyson will also look at some evidence-based targets for chicken sustainability starting with converting chicken supply chains to antibiotic-free permanently. They also will step up with animal welfare by having a third party audit of farms to certify humane treatment of chickens.

 “Tyson Foods is strong today and leading for tomorrow,” Hayes said. “We’ve demonstrated consistent earnings growth and strong operating cash flow, and we’ve returned cash to our shareholders through share repurchases and dividends. We’re a strong company today with solid financials and a unique position for growth. We’re ready for tomorrow with a purpose, a clear strategy and a world-class team focused on the future.”