MOSCOW - Chicken importers in Russia are now looking for alternative suppliers after negotiations with U.S. experts stopped on Jan. 21 without a commitment to reopen the U.S. poultry’s industry’s largest export market, according to Reuters.

Russia has banned imports from the U.S., which is its largest supplier, over concerns regarding the use of chlorine in processing poultry meat -- a process routinely used in the U.S. to kill pathogens that can result in food poisoning.

U.S. poultry imports from Jan. 19 were suspended by Russia, which has taken a hard line with Washington -- accusing the U.S. of scorning food-safety laws. The U.S. responded that its poultry is safe.

Meanwhile, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said more work is now required to find common ground and resolve the issue. No date has been set for resuming negotiations.